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Price of chelium panel

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Price of chelium panel

Viesti21.01.2020 17:56

Nowadays, due to the remarkable acceptance of shops and business owners by Chelium Boards, which has brought prosperity to their businesses, there is a great deal of variation in this style of advertising and hence have different prices. Chelium boards are actually one of the most affordable advertising methods for shopkeepers and those who want to introduce a product to the public. The price of Chelenium boards depends on many factors, some of which we will explain to your loved ones:

The outer edge of the chelenium panel
SMS and module number used in board range
Characters of monochrome Chelnium boards
Characters of two-color chelium
The diameter of the letters used in the chelium tableau
Installation of chelium at high or low altitude
Install letters and numbers of chelium on wood or glass
Size and Size of Chelnium Panel
Using fan power that cools the board for a long time.
Use the timer on the back of the panel to program the panel on and off
Manufacture of numbers and letters of Chelium by a professional and experienced letter maker
Making letters and numbers of chelium with a device that lowers the quality of the board
In general, the price of LED panels and the price of Chelenium boards vary from 80,000 Tomans to 150,000 Tomans, depending on the type of your order, and the higher the quality of the used parts, the higher the price of the boards. goes. It's interesting to know that nowadays, with the rise of fast-paced, low-quality Chinese parts, you can see incredible and cheap prices that will definitely tempt anyone to buy, but we suggest you to Spend most of your life on Chelenium boards from reputable companies and shops. And finally, the choice is with you dear customer.


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Price of chelium panel

Viesti14.02.2020 05:51

just curious what is the rough price I will looking at spending to weld in right and left 1/4 panels on a Datsun 1600? the panels themselves cost 595 each just want to know the price to cut and weld in? not after painting as I will leave that for another time Pref located in Sydney Area

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