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Advertising board for the hotel

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Advertising board for the hotel

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Hotels are places for people to rest and stay. Hotels are usually built in crowded and touristy city centers and provinces, which are usually not far apart, and newcomers who are unfamiliar with the hotel can only see the sign posted on the hotel's hotel and hotel façade and lobby. They decide to stay in a hotel and hotels can attract more customers who have an exterior, interior decoration and beautiful and stylish rooms, and the rental price of rooms and suites is affordable. Depending on the type of construction and the type of service they provide, hotels have taken on several names, including the following:

Motel Motel:

The word is a combination of the words Motor and Hotel, and refers to hotels that are usually located outside the city and have a play area, and passengers can easily take their own car to the door of the hotel room and get their car in. Park in front of your room.

Hotel Pension:

These hotels are located in the cities and have a number of rooms, dining halls and in some hotels have a library, study hall and TV room that rooms have basic facilities and sanitary facilities. These boarding houses rent the room to customers for a certain period of time and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to customers every day within a certain period of time in return for the number of customers they have, and the majority provide customers outside the hotel to eat. They do not accept and there are special rules for meals, and food is consumed at certain times and no food service is offered outside of that time period.

Apartment Hotel:

Apartment hotels are like apartment rentals, where an apartment with all the facilities and equipment such as kitchen, bedroom, living room and other items is provided to travelers and their travelers provide all kinds of amenities there and less to the hall. They come to the dining room.

Resort Hotel Resort Hotel:

Hotel resorts are hotels with luxury facilities that are usually built along the beach, hot springs or tourist attractions such as ski slopes and other public leisure facilities and enjoyable activities such as water park, outdoor swimming pools, indoor and other facilities. They provide passengers.

Hotels are divided into friendly, three-star, four-star and five-star hotels in terms of amenities, and depending on the type of hotel and location, space and facilities available in various types such as commercial hotel, suburban hotel, hotel City, Resort Hotel, Large Hotel, Meeting Hotel, Airport Hotel, Residential Hotel, Night Games Hotel, Super Luxury Hotel, All Suite Hotel, Hotel with Suites One Floor Spread, Intermediate Hotel, Medium Intermediate Hotel, Hotel Cheap, Entertainment Hotel, Apartment Hotel, Customer Ownership Hotel, Joint Ownership Hotel, Boarding House, Guest House, Inn and Restaurant, The hotel is a casino and each hotel has multiple rooms depending on the type of function, such as office suite, conference suite, small suite, regular suite, deluxe suite, duplex suite, luxurious suite, enclosed suite, honeymoon suite, single suite , Cabana, Studio, Apartment, Bangalore, Remote Rooms, Indoor Rooms, Balcony Room, Private Pool Room, Banquet Room, Family Room, Ordinary Room with Bathroom, Ordinary Room Without Bathroom, Living Room or Living Room, A room with a beach-sized view, a room with a forest view, a single room, a double room, a triple room, an apartment or a suite Was.

The services offered in hotels are divided into the following categories according to the type of service:

Only Room: This service offers customers only one room without any food service.

Bed & Breakfast: This service offers a room to stay with a breakfast for its customers.

Half Board: This service offers customers a room to stay and a breakfast and lunch or dinner per day.

Full Board: This method offers customers a room to stay with a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All Inclusive: This service fully offers customers a room with breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, as well as other services in coastal cities in some hotels such as jet skiing, water skiing. , Diving, massage and other entertainment facilities are offered to customers.

Hotel signage:
Hotel signage can have a tremendous impact on introducing your brand and hotel name and introducing it to passers-by, especially in tourist and recreational areas where the number of hotels is high. In addition, hotel signage can keep your hotel brand name in mind or customers. If you are staying at your hotel and are completely satisfied with the hotel's amenities, engrave and encourage them to introduce your hotel name to their acquaintances and relatives. In this case, installing a hotel sign can make it easier to find a better place to find a hotel. Be your hotel address. Installing a hotel sign can gain credibility and identity for your hotel, and if the hotel sign is designed and implemented in a beautiful and unique way with potential features that are not seen in the sign of other competitors, it can easily get the opinion of passers-by. Attract yourself and bring customers back to your hotel.

Hotel billboards:
Depending on the type of hotel and accommodation, the billboards can be divided into several types, including:

Hotel sign:
This sign refers to all hotels that rent to customers in full from the room to the suite and apartment.

Residence sign:

These signs are for accommodation outside the city and its suburbs and provide amenities for travelers on the way.


Inns are places that have several separate rooms, each of which is rented to separate people. Rooms for rent in inns are less expensive than hotels.

Resort sign:

Rest areas have been built along the roads so that drivers and their occupants can rest there after a while and get the food they need.

Suite rental sign:

These signs are mostly installed in hotels and tourist cities of the country to rent suites to customers.

Apartment rental sign:

Apartments are rented out to travelers and customers who plan to stay in one place for a long time.

Room rental sign:

Room rental is installed by both hotels and city dwellers who rent one or more rooms from their private home to travelers.

Villa rental sign:

Villa rental signs are usually found in green and touristy places with many villas. By renting a villa, you can rent a luxury place with all the recreational and welfare facilities for a specified period of time and at a set price.

Smart hotels:

Advances in science and technology, as well as technology and the invention of smart electronic devices and objects in various fields have made things easier, and hotel management is no exception, and with the advancement of technology, today different types of smart hotel equipment for the comfort of hoteliers. And customers are provided with a hotel command panel or hotel room display panel.

Hotel control panel or hotel room display panel:

Before the smart device entered the hotel industry, hotel service personnel went to the rooms without prior notice and at a specific time for sorting and cleaning, which was unpleasant for some customers, but with this device, customers and guests With just the push of a button from the hotel's control panel and sending your request to the reception area, the hotel can notify the hotel authorities of their requests and receive their requested services.

The control panel or display panel contains several options as follows:

Make Up Room option in the hotel display panel:

When hotel customers decide to clean their accommodation, they can contact the staff by tapping this button. In this case, a message will appear on the back panel of the room, and in the shortest possible time, the cleaning staff will be notified. They are sent to the intended place for cleaning.

Lundry option in the hotel command panel: This option is touched to announce the request for laundry and notifies the hotel service department.

Do Not Disturb option in the hotel display panel: This option is touched when the hotel guest needs to rest so that no one disturbs him.

Check Out option in the hotel control panel: This option informs the reception authorities when it is touched by the hotel guests that the customer intends to deliver the room and wants to settle. In this case, the central management system takes the necessary steps to settle the bill. he is doing it .

Hotel signage is done in a variety of ways, depending on your taste, budget, hotel location, and ambient light, and can be used as a hotel sign.

Hotel Chelnium Paintings:
Chelnium sign for hotel is one of the brightest signs that currently ranks first in our country and is recommended by many guilds and businesses. Due to the type of customer order, Chelnium Hotel billboards can be implemented in various ways, including simple Chelnium billboards, Diamond Chelnium billboards, Star Chelnium billboards, Crystal Chelnium billboards, Chelnium Double billboards, Chelnium Lettermex billboards and other items. The price of Chelnium boards is announced to the customers according to the design, color, brand of materials, meters of the environment of the prominent letters after design.

Hotel steel panel:
Steel panels are a good choice for hotels, especially those located in the city center and where air pollution is high, because steel is a shiny and shiny metal that does not get dirty easily and can be easily cleaned and washed if it gets dirty. . The stainless steel hotel panel can be operated as a lightless steel panel, an endor light steel panel and a plastic panel.

Hotel vacuum panel:
The vacuum panel is an attractive option for the hotel because it brings out the most prominent letters and unique look for the vacuum hotel panel, and if the 3D mode is added to the prominent letters of the vacuum, the beauty of the panel will be doubled.


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