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Signposting an environmental and salon advertising professio

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Signposting an environmental and salon advertising professio

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Signposting an environmental and salon advertising profession
Signposting is essentially an indoor and outdoor advertising business that is the interface between business owners and community members. The profession first emerged in the '40s, and business owners created boards to introduce their branding using a variety of tricks and materials.

Every person in the community needs a professional leaderboard to present their work. No job without advertising is among the competitors and cannot access the right profits and is the best representative of the business in the competitive world of billboard making so choosing a professional leaderboard is very important.

Tableauing is essentially a profession
In other words, signage represents both the community's job and the agent and guide to different places, so it has both advertising and visual information that must be designed with high sensitivity to deliver the right message and impact. . The signboard industry is one of the oldest advertising methods and with the advances in printing and with the advent of advanced devices such as laser cutting machine a new evolution in the production of billboards has emerged and today is witnessing the creation of beautiful boards with effects and lighting We are wonderful. Safe Nourtab Manufacturing Group with a highly experienced staff with a strong track record can produce all kinds of banner advertising in two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and create new ideas and utilize Korean and original materials. Produce and supply in a different way.
What is a signboard?
The art of painting is the integration of color and lighting lines that, with creative ideas, can create an influential advertising artwork.

Choosing a professional leaderboard that will deliver the best quality for the customer and provide after-sales service is an important issue that can prevent additional costs and surplus.

Another important issue in professional paneling is the quality of print and font size that some boards do not care about, so it does not have the necessary quality and after a while it loses its beauty. Customers have to repair and spend on re-expenses.

Another important issue to consider is the materials and materials used in making the panel.

The type of colors and how the materials are combined is very important, especially when dealing with sensitive colors. Valid panels use only the corrected file and the print house to save the desired quality of the final file in order to save and optimize the timing and get the most desired result.

Types of boards manufactured in lightweight safe paneling
With secure background and creativity as well as technical knowledge we are able to build a variety of advertising boards as follows:

Highlighting: Highlighting the boards after the introduction of chelium-forming devices into the field. The letters are applicable to numerous materials such as chelium, thermos, plexigs, composites, glass and stone.
Chelium Plating: Chelium is one of the most popular materials for making billboards in our country and is highly recommended by business owners and contains many types such as simple chelium plating, star chelium plating. O, diamond chelene boards, crystalline chelnium boards, Andrew light chelonium boards, Golden Chelnium boards, RGB Chelnium boards, and Lettermax Chelnium boards.
Steel Panel: This panel has a long history in the field of paneling and can be said to be one of the oldest boards, the other name is Steel Panel. In the past, metal panels were made using metals such as copper, iron, and brass, which after some time became opaque and needed to be repaid, but with the introduction of steel, the metals were deprecated and steel replaced. Steel is a shiny and durable metal that comes in shiny gold stainless steel, gold-plated stainless steel letters, glossy silver stainless steel letters, silver-plated stainless steel letters, smoky stainless steel letters and copper-steel bolds, and in numerous designs such as doodle boards, Punch boards, ring steel boards and golden steel boards are manufactured and installed.
Vacuum Panel: In the Safe Rotary Panel Workshop Vacuum Panel Using 1mm Thickness Steel Sheet, Korean SMS Block, Taiwanese Single Plexiglass Sheets, Tapco Brand PVC Sheets and 6.0mm Thickness Steel Sheet Made of stainless steel.
Neon Panel: Neon panel is available in both glass neon panel and plastic neon panel and has a long history in the field of paneling.
Flexi Signboard: Another of the most beautiful Flexi Signboards is Cube, Rayleigh, Shield and Steel Frame.
Lightbox Box: A lightweight billboard is a beautiful billboard that has many applications in different areas and can be made of plastic, wood and aluminum, and the designs can be printed directly or on paper. They are used on stickers and backlit and then glued on to the vase and are used in both hanging and standing.
Guides: The guides provided by Safe Nourab Manufacturing Group are in the form of salon guides, such as floor boards, emergency exit boards, name boards, etc. and a variety of environmental guides.
Composite paneling: Composite sheets can be used as a substrate for all highlights, in addition to making the boards of Noortab Safe Manufacturing Group also have a strong interest in performing composite facades.
ThermoWood Panel: ThermoWood Panel is also one of the most up-to-date and natural shots and can be used as a substrate for all highlights of ThermoWood. The Thermow Panel provides a very stylish and natural look to your business environment. Another area of ​​activity of the Safe Lighting Manufacturing Group is the implementation of the Thermood View.
Metal Banners: One of the most durable banners that has no resistance at all and has high resistance to bad weather is banners.
Plexiglas: Plexiglas is a type of acrylic plastic that is widely used in many industries, including paneling, and can almost be said to use plexiglas to make all the letters. Plexiglas sheets have different types including Plexiglass Sheets, Plexiglass Set Nice, Ductile Plexiglass, Patterned Plexiglass, Plexiglass Acrylic, Back Plexiglass, and Plexiglass Sandstop to protect these sheets. Both sides are covered with protective glue.
Highlighted Andrew Light boards: When customers choose advertising boards such as steel or metal boards because these metals cannot pass through the light, they use the back or light lighting technique to apply light on these boards. To be. In this case, the light shines through the backdrop of the signage and brings a beautiful glow to your billboard.
Lasogas Panel: This is the inspiration for the City of Las Vegas boards in that it creates a workpiece between two edges, which is exactly in the middle of the edges and creates holes for the lighting to work with LED or SMD lamps. Inside them. The method of distribution of the lamps in this method is very different and the color of the letters varies with the color of the light and the diameter of the letters and colors vary according to the customer's order.
Billboard billboards: Billboards are huge, billboard boards that can be easily viewed by anyone from afar and convey your advertising message to the public. In this way, the key message should be short and expressive but engaging and engaging on the board in order to attract the attention of every passer-by.
LED Panel: LED panels can easily attract the attention of any viewer due to their animation and light dancing properties. These panels are divided into two categories: Fixed LED Panel and Fluid LED Panel.
Urban TV: You'll be able to show your advertising clips and images in crowded places by buying urban TV or renting urban TV.

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