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The role of billboards in urban space

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The role of billboards in urban space

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The role of billboards in the appearance of cities:
The appearance of cities undergoes the components that are one of the indisputable components of billboards and signs, while playing an effective role in introducing the product or service designed to enhance the dynamics and vitality of space or There is also confusion and confusion. This is because cities are full of colorful boards in various designs and styles such as steel panels, highlights panels, chelium boards, billboards, LEDs, etc. But the overuse of these panels has caused visual disruption in some places.

In general, signs and signs can be divided into two general categories:
User Reference Leaderboard:
These boards include letters, numbers, shapes, images, ornaments, symbols, etc. The purpose of which is to communicate and guide people and to be installed in public passages.

advertisement boards :
These boards represent a product or service that is installed in different locations to attract more customers. Each billboard has different aspects including:

1) Aesthetic aspect: colors, text lines on the board, shape, size, positioning and positioning, they all come together to make a billboard look more beautiful and to infiltrate the viewer's mind Encourage the purchase of goods or services.

2) Functional Aspects: What is inserted on the board to attract the attention of the audience and perform better.

3) Sustainability Aspects: Some panels work in the mind so that we become accustomed to being in that environment, and the absence of it is quite felt, so the panels must be designed so that the text is recorded in mind.

The role of billboards in urban space:
Cullen believes outdoor advertising is the most valuable form of participation in the manifestation of 20th century urban landscape art. According to different theories about the role of billboards in urban space, it can be said that billboards can enhance the quality of urban space and this quality can include diversity, color, complexity, order, unity, meaning, readability, vitality and dynamism. But sometimes the over-diversity of the panels, the low distance, the number of them in one space causes them to be inconsistent, and sometimes the sharp colors of the panels that disrupt the space can destroy the meaning and identity of a place. To solve this problem, it is necessary to manage the installation of urban signs and appropriate design according to the cultural and social contexts. Is. Different countries have proposed three different approaches to the design of billboards:

1) Designing a billboard based on objective aesthetic rules and presenting a very limited set of rules and regulations by providing a layout and template that uses this approach to create a dry order between billboards and reduce the activity and dynamics of the streets. The action unifies all the texture of the city and the streetscape, giving the space a beautiful, unobtrusive look that attracts people to a completely uniform and orderly space.

2) In this way the boards are designed and implemented according to a general framework that has low standards and flexibility. In this way, everyone in a way, according to their own taste, places the boards in the intended place in such a situation. Some spaces cause disturbance and visual pollution.

3) In this way, optimal models and examples are developed to guide and encourage people. Using this approach and observing general qualitative and quantitative rules and rigorous monitoring and management, people are guided and encouraged by appropriate modeling of examples.

According to research and surveys, it can be said that the third approach is one of the best advertising methods that will have the following benefits:

1) Inspired by past patterns and meanings and tailored to the needs and tastes of the day

2) Use the products themselves graphically in combination with the architecture of the building

3) Use complementary colors to the background and create vitality and charm of the role

4) Creating diversity and consistency of context and body so that the whole panel looks united

5) The use of modular coordination in the architecture and detail of the flagship buildings on the street

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