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The importance of color in paneling

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The importance of color in paneling

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Importance of color in paneling:
In previous articles, we have discussed the factors that make a good advertising board in the signboard industry. In this article, we want to address the importance and role of color in the painting industry.

All service classes can be successful when it comes to adhering to customer preferences in addition to adhering to their business rules, but sometimes customer feedback can lead to an undesirable outcome when you have to persuade them to rely on your knowledge and experience. Make your own choices. But overall one way to succeed in all professions is to consider the interests of the job.

Color is very important in paneling and is one of the key factors in attracting customers. Depending on the visual effects they create, the colors will open the door to your business center and will eagerly buy from you or use your services. Colors can create a sense of joy, refreshment, relaxation, power, hatred and excitement in people, so the colors used in people's lives such as clothing colors, workplace decoration, type and color of the billboard all suggest People's tastes and moods depend on the mood of the person and the color they choose. The right combination of colors in life can bring joy, happiness and energy to people. The human eye is naturally looking for beauties, and if you use beautiful and modern billboards for your shop or business, you definitely have invited a lot of people to your workplace. Color is one of the factors that has the most impact on customer attraction, and panelists need to be able to guide their customers with awareness of the psychology of color in advertising. In the painting industry, the correct and appropriate use of complementary and contrasting colors can have a significant effect on the beauty of the painting. For example, the use of plexiglass with black, gold and silver colors has different effects on the work, which is why The gold chelium panel or the yellow and glossy steel panel has gained a special place in the field of paneling. Each color can have different psychological properties and senses in the individual, so the use of colors tailored to the individual's business can have a significant impact on customer attraction. Here we introduce some of the colors and the impact and application of each. We have the following:

Red: This color is referred to as an emotional color and is also known as the color of love. Repeated exposure to this dye can raise blood pressure. This color creates a sense of courage, quick decision making, power, anger, instant gratification and anger in the viewer. This color can be used in signposting in the car-related professions, emotional games, or energy-related factors such as drinks.

Orange: This color is mostly used for things that bring happiness, attraction, success, motivation, decision, encouragement and appetite. One of the uses of orange in the tableau industry is for food panels and food packaging. For example, a restaurant or deli can use a Thermood board with a bold combination of different colors and a large and impressive orange color.

Pink: This color is known as a feminine color and induces a sense of beauty and elegance. Pink is also used as a symbol of friendship and intimacy. This color is soothing and is used in cosmetics and beauty salon boards.

Blue: This color gives alertness and excitement and brings inner peace but prevents drowsiness. It activates the brain because of the feeling of excitement. Apply this color more to business logos, detergents, water filters, liquids, drinks, airlines and cruises. is.

Yellow: Yellow in the short term will calm and stimulate the nerves as well as increase learning power but in the long run it will cause tension and anxiety. Colors can be used in packaging and in educational places.

Purple: This is the color of power, resistance, luxury life, originality, wealth, monarchy, creativity, ambition and more. Purple has energy like red and is stable like blue. Most commonly used for women and children

Green: We all feel freshness and vitality when we see green. It also symbolizes growth, satisfaction, approval, healing, productivity, harmony, stability and stability. Green paint in paneling is often used for cosmetics.

Influence of color on environmental graphics:
Color is one of the most influential communication tools that play a significant role in today's life and modernity. Nowadays, business owners are seeking to utilize all the factors and modernity sciences and technologies to utilize different tools such as colors, images and keywords in each business. Push their business side. From ancient times to today's graphic and environmental design has undergone extensive changes, and with the industrial revolution and advances in the business world, cities have become today and the world has strived to achieve its goal. It should make life easier and safer for people.

In fact, the design of modern life, along with the fascinating graphics and imagery of the post-World War II era, culminated in the 1970s. Pictograms are traffic signs that are used to guide people in compliance with traffic laws and regulations and are today known as signboards. The use of colors in encoding guides is very important, for example in traffic, red is always a symbol of danger. Leaderboards are widely used to guide people in public places, and these boards are composed of graphic elements such as signs, forms, and inscriptions, for example emergency exit signs, house plates, and signs related to room names or Names of alleys and so on.

Another part that can influence the design of the urban landscape is the supergraphic section. This section contains posters, banners, billboards, billboards, billboards, banner lamps, and banners all over the city that will not only distort the city's image if implemented properly and in appropriate colors. They also make the city from vivid to vivid with natural and beautiful paintings. Graphic design of cities creates the environmental identity of a city, and the role of color with a different architecture plays a major role in creating the spatiality of a city, and the ideas and creations implemented in the construction of these environmental signs can drive audiences. To think about that idea and look for it when needed. So using creative colors and designs and new ideas can not only attract more customers but also raise awareness and boost customer confidence, so try whatever you are promoting. Design new ideas, use provocative colors, use influential keywords, infiltrate the audience's visuals and reach your goal of achieving more customer and excellence.

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