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Types of Chelnium boards and their applications in panel mak

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Types of Chelnium boards and their applications in panel mak

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Making Chelnium boards:
Chelnium billboards are one of the most beautiful and widely used billboards in the billboard industry, which are made and designed in different ways such as Golden Chelnium billboards,
Chelnium billboards, Chelnium billboards. The structure of the Chelnium panel is a combination of Plexiglas and aluminum alloy, which is installed on the composite sheet or pvc. Chelnium rolls in sizes from 30 to 50 meters are available in different colors, and the price of Chelnium rolls varies according to its size. This method of designing and manufacturing billboards has a high resistance to weather and environmental conditions and can be implemented in different colors, so it has become one of the most widely used types of billboards.

Define the prominent letters of Chelnium and how to make and design prominent letters
The prominent letters of Chelnium are a combination of several beautiful letters with different shapes and angles, which are quite flexible and can be designed in any shape. After the design step, the Plexiglas letters are cut by a laser machine and the edges are smoothed by scraping. In the next step, the design of the letters is drawn on pvc and cut with a tool called perpendicular, and the letters are ready to be installed on the body or under the work, which is usually made of composite sheet or pvc, then using The
LED or SMD lamps are illuminated and the extra wires are transferred to the work, and after ensuring full exposure, the work surface is closed and the billboard is installed. T successfully ends.

Advantages :
The materials required to make this advertising method are of high quality and therefore are completely resistant to environmental conditions and sunlight and its appearance does not change.

It does not rust at all.

A sponge tape is used to make the edge of the Chelnium
board, which prevents dust and water from penetrating into the letters and keeps the letters always clean.

After finishing the work steps, a nylon cover is used on the work so that during the installation, the prominent letters of Chelnium are not scratched, and after the installation of the billboard, the nylon cover is easily removed from the work by the panel maker.

Technical Note:
As in any product, the original and Chinese materials are available in the Chelnium panel. Both models are available in the market. If you want to distinguish between the original and Chinese Chelnium, pay attention to the edges of the Chelnium. The edge of the Chelnium is originally thick and is about 2.8 mm, but the edges of the Chinese Chelnium are very thin, so thin that it is sometimes punctured or modified with low pressure. However, the use of Chinese Chelnium is very suitable for making small letters, and it bends easily and takes shape.

Types of Chelnium boards:
Simple Chelnium board:
The components of this type of billboard include Chelnium edge, Plexiglas, pvc, smd and power supply, which are made and designed with a simple appearance and in different colors of Plexiglas.

Plexiglas double Chelnium panel:
In this method, two Plexiglas with different colors are used, which gives a more beautiful effect to the billboard.

Chelnium RGB panel:
The Chelnium panel is made in RGB style using RGB SMDs and whiteboard and Plexiglas white board.

Full color Chelnium panel: Another type of Chelnium panel is this type of Chelnium panel with a special control board that can display more colors up to about 16 million colors.

Chelnium Punch Picture:
The use of this method of panel making is not only specific to Chelnium, but this method is also used in the prominent steel panel and the neon plastic panel. In this method of making billboards, embossed letters are cut by laser using various geometric shapes such as circles or stars and punched on Plexiglas; in the next step, the light is broken due to the passage of light through the cut part. As a result, it gives a more beautiful view to the billboard. This type of billboard is called by different names such as Chelnium Punch panel, Diamond Chelnium panel and Star Chelnium panel.

Chenille Crystal Tablets:
In the structure of this model, Chelnium panel is made of glass Plexiglas and crystal beads, however, it should be noted that crystal beads can be used in making all billboards that are made using embossed letters.

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