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What is a neon plastic sign and how is it made and designed?

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What is a neon plastic sign and how is it made and designed?

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What is a neon sign?
One of the most widely used advertising boards in the past is the Neon Plastic board. These boards were available on the market before the arrival of Chelnium boards, and are in fact the beginning of the construction of Chelnium boards. Making and installing neon plastic billboards is almost like Chelnium, except that it is made of Plexiglas. Plexiglas is made from a type of clear polycarbonate that is very clear and glass-like, but not glass. It is tougher and more resistant than glass. In fact, Plexiglas is a board that does not use metal and is made entirely of plastic sheets such as Sampex and Yirlang. Both LED and SMD lamps are used for lighting, but in the neon glass model, the light produced by the neon gas is provided, and by combining this gas with the fluoride, various other desired colors can be achieved.

Learn how to make a glass neon sign:
To make this model of neon sign, a colorless and clear glass is used, which according to the customer's order, the letters of the neon are bent with heat in the desired shapes and then filled with neon gas. Using the connection of the electrode to the two ends of the neon sign and giving the appropriate voltage to both ends, the neon gas inside the light glass produces light. After receiving the order of the neon sign, first the raw neon glasses are purchased and prepared from the market. These glasses are spherical and empty inside them, then the neon-making device takes these hollow glasses to the desired shape by heat and air pressure.

The difference between Chelnium's embossed letters and neon plastic:
The material of the pilgrims of the Chelnium sign is made of metal or aluminum alloys on Plexiglas, while the neon plastic pilgrims are made of plastic.

The brightness of the billboards is varied. The highlight of the Chelnium panel is supplied by LED lamps, while in the past, neon plastic panels were illuminated by installing incandescent lamps inside the panel box. With the arrival of SMD lamps, the use of incandescent lamps has been replaced. SMD lamps. But in the case of glass neon, light is supplied by neon gas.

In Chelnium panels, light is emitted only from the front and from the work surface, while the method of making plastic neon panels is such that the light is reflected from both the surface and the pilgrims or the gaps embedded in the letters.

Tariffs for billboards vary completely depending on the material of the surface and the body and their structure. The price of the prominent panel is higher than the neon plastic panel due to its modernity and the use of LED lamps and brightness and durability.

Embossed letters have faster and easier flexibility than neon plastic letters.

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