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Painting in Qom province:
Qom province is one of the largest provinces of Iran, which is neighboring with Tehran province from the south, Isfahan province from the north, Markazi province from the east and Semnan province from the west. The capital of Qom province is the city of Qom. At first, this province was the residence of the people of Zoroaster, which at that time was called Mamjan, but later took the name of Qom. In Arabic, Qom means that water collects together and because water collects in Qom region. This title can be given to this province. Qom province is located in a dry and semi-arid region in terms of climate and has a hot and dry climate. Among the cities of Qom province, we can mention Qanawat, Jafaria, Kahak, Dastjerd, Salafchegan and Qom.

The people of Qom province speak Persian with a Qomi dialect and many of the immigrants in this province also speak Turkish. In some parts, some speak Iraqi and some speak Khalaji, Lori Bakhtiari and Kurdish. They also talk.

Qom province is inhabited by many ethnic groups such as Fars, Turks, Gilakis, Mazandaranis, Arabs, Kurds, Lors and Tat. Qom is one of the busiest provinces, and due to the location of the holy shrine of Imam Masoumeh during the year, a large number of people from far and near places travel to this province for pilgrimage.

Numerous arts are on display in Qom province, including tiling, bricklaying, woodcarving and carpet weaving.

Sohan is one of the popular and famous souvenirs of Qom province, which is a kind of halva and homemade sweets. The story of naming Sohan was that one day Muzaffar al-Din Shah traveled to Qom province and when he tasted Qom halva, he said that this halva, like Sohan, cut my food and digested it. Since then, the name of the local halva of Qom has been called Sohan. This souvenir is mass-produced in Qom province and is exported to other cities and countries.

Due to the hosting of Qom province in terms of the number of passengers per year, panel making is very important in Qom province because strangers and strangers who have set foot in this province as travelers do not know the location of shops and stores to provide their goods and necessities. And they only find their place in the shops through the billboards installed in the shops.

Painting in Qom:
Painting in Qom is done in various ways according to the tastes and budgets of the customers. Qom's old bazaar, as well as the shops on the main streets and passages, have installed a sign in their place of business to introduce the type of services and goods so that customers can see the type of service by looking at the shop sign, shop sign or company sign. Take away the goods.

Recreational, pilgrimage and sightseeing places in Qom province:

Holy shrine of masoomeh :

One of the places that attracts a large number of tourists to Qom province every year is the pilgrimage to the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh.

Jamkaran Mosque:

It is narrated that this mosque was built by the order of Mr. Imam Zaman (as) 1000 years ago. Many people visit this mosque with the promised Mahdi for pain, heart, secret and need.

Old Market:

With its beautiful architecture, this market alone can attract tourists. The old bazaar has several sections such as Chaharsooq, Timcheh, Sara and two covered rows with dome covers, on the roof of which there are vents for changing air and lighting.

Mulla Sadra's house:

This historical house is located at the end of Kahak village, which is one of the pristine villages with beautiful landscapes in the south of Qom province, which was built during the Safavid period and follows a special architecture.

Yazdanpanah House:

This house is one of the old houses belonging to 120 years ago, which is located in the neighborhoods of Qom Cotton Garden and is currently used as a traditional restaurant.

Haj Asgar Khan Bath:

This bath belongs to the Qajar period, which has three parts, two parts of which are the bath and one part of which is the pool hole.

Khezr Nabi Mountain:

This mountain is located 6 km away from Qom province, from the top of which the whole city of Qom can be seen. In ancient times, there was a cave on the top of the mountain, which has now become a mosque. This place was the place of pilgrimage of Hazrat Khidr Nabi.

Qom Green Dome:

This place, which is located at the gate of Kashan, has three historical tombs that, like the dome of Soltanieh, follow a special architecture. There are inscriptions on these tombs that show the burial place of Khajeh Asl al-Din and Khajeh Ali Safi, but it is not clear who owns the inscription on the third tomb due to its destruction.

Hotels in Qom Province:

Due to its annual tourist and pilgrimage status, Qom province hosts a large number of people who travel to this province from far and near for pilgrimage and live in this province for a few days. Therefore, many hotels have been built in this province for travelers. These include the 4-star Qom International Hotel, the 4-star Qom Olympic Hotel, the 4-star Qom Khorshid Hotel, the 4-star Sadeghieh Hotel in Qom, the 4-star Crimean Hotel in Qom, the 3-star Esteghlal Hotel in Qom, the 2-star Emami Hotel in Qom and The 2-star Aria Hotel pointed out.

According to the statistics announced in 2011, Qom province is ranked 21st in terms of population. Qom province is one of the most populous provinces and in order to be able to attract more customers for your business in this province compared to other competitors, you need to use various advertising methods. There are many advertising methods that business owners choose one or more advertising methods based on their needs and the budget they have available, as well as the communication bridges that exist between themselves and their customers. Advertising methods include print advertising such as tract printing, product catalog printing, banner printing, panel making, sampling advertising, guerrilla advertising, mobile advertising, digital marketing, advertising stands, design and installation of advertising billboards, and more. In addition to traditional advertising and environmental advertising, advertising on the Internet and advertising on social networks has become very common today, but one of the most widely used and widely used types of advertising, which is used by any kind of guild, is panel making. Without installing billboards on the head in the shop, store or company, in addition to damaging the facade and appearance of the store, the place of business will be without identity and credibility. Painting in Qom city and surrounding cities is done in different ways, each of which is described below:

Chelnium sign in Qom province:
Qom Chelnium board is one of the most widely used types of boards, especially shops located in the streets and the center of cities. Easy to use. Because the price of the Chelnium board varies depending on the type of Chelnium board and the methods used, each person can easily choose a Chelnium board with any taste. You have an order for a Chelnium sign. You can easily order a cheap Chelnium sign by ordering a cheap Chelnium sign.

Guide sign in Qom province:
Qom traffic sign is one of the most widely used signs in the cities of Qom province, which includes traffic signs, street and street sign signs and hall signs such as name signs, room number plates, floor signs, corridor signs, emergency exit signs and other signs. It is used in office,commercial, residential, hospital and other places.

Steel panel in Qom province:
Qom steel board is recommended by many guilds because this board has a high resistance to weather conditions, in addition, it is always shiny and shiny. Qom steel panel is mostly used in passages and in the old market because the environment has enough light to display the board and there is no need to use the board, but if you want to have your custom steel board light, you can use the light board. Or order a plastic sign, in which case you will have both a steel sign and a bright sign.

Vacuum board in Qom province:
Qom vacuum panel is one of the new boards that the letters are more prominent than the prominent letters of Chelnium and it is possible to order the vacuum board in three dimensions.

Pixel sign in Qom province:
Qom Pixel sign is one of the most beautiful signs that has recently entered the world of sign making. If you want to order a sign that can display optical effects with different executive animations both in the field and in the prominent letters of the sign, Pixel sign is the best option. Light effects that can be applied to any pixel can be programmed and you can program and display any kind of effect and animation on any pixel like the rhythm of music.

LED panel in Qom province:
Qom LED panel is one of the most widely used types of boards. The LED panel can be used both as a hall sign and as an environmental sign. If you want to order an LED panel with animations and animated lights, you need to order an LED panel at a higher cost, but if you want to order a low-cost LED panel, you can order an L-panel. You can achieve your desired fixed ID. The fixed LED panel also has an extraordinary beauty and can attract the attention of passers-by with its light effects.

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